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How to Be An Expert in Wood Furniture Care

August 20th, 2016

FFDM Campton Grove Collection

FFDM Campton Grove Collection

Have you ever heard about the amount of time needed to clean, wax, dust or polish wood furniture? Despite these tasks, are you still willing to own wood furniture? It wouldn’t be a surprise if you are still more than willing to have one since wood furniture is traditionally beautiful.

Experts have different opinions when it comes to caring for wood furniture but, more often than not, it is dependent on the finish of the furniture piece.

When you are out to buy wood furniture, make sure that you ask for specific care and maintenance guidelines. Here are some of the classic cleaning materials for your equally classic wood furniture –

Feather Duster

That regular feather duster can effectively remove dust even from the most delicate surfaces like mirrors, lampshades, art and collectibles. If it can clean these, then it could also lightly clean any wooden surface.

Lamb’s Wool Duster

This contains lanolin that attracts dust. The cleaning tool makes the dirt cling even in carved or turned areas. This can also be used to clean ceiling fans and light fixtures. Having a long handle for this cleaning tool will make it ideal in reaching difficult-to-reach spaces.

Treated Cloth

This is also great for dusting especially when you want the non-scratching type of cleaner. Use this in place of the silicon spray which is not recommended by experts for all types of fine wood furniture.

Lint-Free Cloth

Clean cotton T-shirts, even diapers, can be used. Just use a little water to dampen the cloth.

Terry Towel

A clean, dry towel should be able to remove moisture that has been left from previous cleaning.

Hooker Furniture Dining Room True Vintage Round Dining Table

Hooker Furniture Dining Room True Vintage Round Dining Table

Other Cleaning Tips

The use of all-purpose cleaning spray should be limited to furniture pieces made of plastic. If you’re thinking of using this cleaning agent for wood furniture, stop. All-purpose sprays are too harsh for wood just like water will damage the piece. There is only one instance when you can use water to clean wood and it is to clean up sticky spots. When faced with this circumstance, dip a soft cloth in mild detergent dissolved in clean water. Wring the cloth but just enough so it is still a little damp.

Cleaners, oil polishes and furniture oils can protect wood by having the wooden surface turn slippery. While this is so, these do not offer a hard, protective layer. Be careful in using cleaners with oil as they could also smear wooden surfaces.

Never polish with pure olive oil as it can smear and attract dust. Most liquid polishes contain silicone oil that can provide some protection. If polishes and sprays have been used in the past to clean your wood furniture or if you suspect that someone polished with these oils, then prepare to see some residues. The residue will interfere with refinishing and in such a case, professional attention may already be needed.

You may also rely on homemade recipes for cleaning wood. There are a few experts that recommend cleaning grimy wood with equal parts of denatured alcohol, olive oil, strained lemon juice and gum turpentine. Apply the mixture using a clean, soft cloth.

Lastly, remember that during manufacture, it is possible that polyurethane, varnish or shellac has been applied to the wood furniture in order to protect it. The application of wax protects the wood’s finish and could even reduce scratches. If you want a longer-lasting protection, apply some wax. This doesn’t smear plus it offers durability more than polishes or sprays. Just learn how to apply wax and how often. Paste wax can last for as long as two years. Liquid wax applies thinly but it also needs to be applied more frequently.

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China Cabinet: Its Rich History and Gazillion Uses

August 19th, 2016

This Hickory White Dining Room Bunching China 650-43 is more decorative as it houses precious collectibles.

This Hickory White Dining Room Bunching China 650-43 is more decorative as it houses precious collectibles.

China cabinets were initially made by American and European craftsmen. These cabinets are still important creations to this day. These became quite popular that they soon spread roundabout the Atlantic Ocean. If you’re one of those who think that china cabinets came from China, it’s time to seriously reconsider reading this history –

The styles of the china cabinet can be categorized as a new antique. There were first fashioned in England right around the time of William and Mary. This was at the end of the 17th century till the beginning of the 18th century.

The royalties mentioned brought this concept to the Netherlands so they could display the china ware that they so valued. These were dining pieces that were quite popular during that era. Master artisans began their art in Britain and, eventually, shops all over Europe and America opened.

China Cabinet in America

Pretty soon, the china cabinet appeared in New York and in Philadelphia though furniture making was not solely done in those two cities. Historians recorded that Virginia also had a flourishing cabinet industry that even rivaled the Northern cities.

The styles then ranged from Queen Anne, Chippendale to Vernacular. The renowned china cabinets still exist these days. Europeans influenced the U.S. with their own styles, and soon, British, German and French immigrants also brought in their own ideas. Adding more creative European ideas led to a wave of china cabinet styles.

China Cabinet: Today

These days, manufacturers have turned to top brands that are known and respected throughout the world. Majority of these brands have their history rooted in Virginia which was the hub of early furniture craftsmanship. The founding of Stanley Furniture further spurred the growth of china cabinet making.

Learning About China Cabinet

Whether it is referred to as a hutch or china cabinet, the function of this piece of art is the same – it is a stylish organizer for the kitchen or dining areas. With this huge yet lovely piece comes a chance for you to store your chinaware and other collectibles.

Maybe you love edgy or modern or you could be a huge fan of vintage, whatever you wish to prefer, it is crucial that you know how to style, pack and tidy up inside this lovely cabinet. ‘Wanna know what else you can use the china cabinet for?

Marriage Exhibited

Most people just want to show off their chinaware inside the china cabinet. Very few would venture off to other purposes. How about putting all your wedding memorabilia inside this lovely cabinet? You can have them stored for mere safekeeping or to have them displayed for everyone to cherish.

Match and Match Yet Again

At times, the best china cabinet can be used to transform the general look of the room. You can stuff it with lovely décor that matches the rest of the room that the cabinet is in. Doing this will create a sense of liveliness that is difficult to achieve.

Hooker Furniture Dining Room Sanctuary Dining Cabinet Hutch.

Hooker Furniture Dining Room Sanctuary Dining Cabinet Hutch.

And All Other Extras

At times, there is extra stuff that needs a home while they are not being used. The china cabinet can hide these pieces away till the time that they are going to be used again. You could also create a crafting corner or a unique bar.

Not a lot of people think of the china cabinet as a miniature closet. This can also become a delicate wardrobe for you or a loved one. This is also a fantastic way to store household linens.

‘Tired of having bookshelves used for books? Then rearrange your book collection into its new home – your china cabinet.

Using the china cabinet on all of these occasions is surely a classy way to finish the job of beautifying your home.

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Deck Design – Creating the Ultimate Private Getaway

August 19th, 2016

Enjoy the view as you sit on this Hooker Furniture Living Room Accent Chair. What could be more restful?

Enjoy the view as you sit on this Hooker Furniture Living Room Accent Chair. What could be more restful?

You might have recently installed a deck or refurbished quite an old one. Whatever your purpose in exploring deck choices and ideas, you’d soon find out that there are thousands of possibilities when it comes to materials, style and cost. Looking through these options is just half the fun finishing the deck and relaxing thereon is the ultimate eventuality.

Proper Deck Furniture

The decision-making pertaining to deck furniture is likely to be inspired by the deck style. Have you opted for a modern, sleek, or geometric style? Then, by all means, have the same theme for your furniture. Modern deck furniture is sure to complement the contemporary deck. Just make sure that you contrast the deck’s hard lines with curvy furniture. A great choice here is cast-aluminum furniture pieces. These are lightweight pieces that are modern yet curvy at the same time.

Should you be looking for something more substantial, then you could use wrought iron which is more durable and heavier. It also comes in every possible style from modern to Victorian.

A deck that is more rustic or traditional needs the more grounded wooden furniture. Again, your options are wide and varied which includes redwood, teak, and cedar. These are weather and insect-resistant, durable, and rich in color.

When it comes to design, you would even have more choices from angled pieces to low-slung contemporary ones.

Finally, there are also great choices with wicker. Wicker styles offer an updated look and are often treated to create resistant weather. These are also highly mobile because they are so light.

Your Home as the Basis

Look to the lines of your home. These are inspirations that could tell you where to situate the deck. If you are creating your deck along with the birth of your new home, then make sure to extend the roofline so that the deck will get its needed shade.

Consider Your Privacy

It would also be nice if you put a privacy fence that could block the view.  Instead of having the ground cleared when you add the deck, make good use of what you already have. That old tree might not be just another element of your yard. This natural thing could offer privacy when it creates a soft canopy. Have lush plants all around the edge of the deck so that it would be more secluded.

Add a Pergola

A pergola will give more functions for the deck. It offers a cozier look plus adding that much-needed shade. Enhance the look by adding hanging baskets, light fixtures or planters.

Planting in hanging baskets is a fuss-free way of saving money while offering great colors for the deck.

Add Water Features

There are a lot of background noises that could potentially annoy your restful afternoons and weekends. You can solve these potential problems by adding any water feature for your deck. The sound of trickling water can make a huge difference on how much peace you would eventually enjoy on your new deck.

Evergreen trees are the first choice when creating privacy. They can effectively block any view while offering a green, lush, natural backdrop. Dense evergreens can also help in filtering the noise. There is an evergreen that is suitable for almost any garden. Pick from a wide variety of sizes, colors and shapes including the columnar types which don’t grow any wider than two feet.

Construct a Trellis

More on lush greens – go ahead and up the level of privacy being offered by trees and a pergola. Add a trellis to make the deck even more enjoyable. Have vines planted along the deck then watch them as they grow all the way up to the trellis.

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Bedroom Furniture Arrangement – Are You Prepared to Deviate from Tradition?

August 18th, 2016

 Thomasville Bedroom Manyara Media Hutch 46211-365

Thomasville Bedroom Manyara Media Hutch 46211-365 nestles beautifully beside this bed and its colorful bedding. 

There is no doubt that the bed is the key furniture piece inside the bedroom. This is also easily the focal point. There are traditional rules in arranging bedroom furniture but, of course, these aren’t hard and fast rules. Most of the time, the decision is based on common sense and the owner’s preference. If you want some guidance, though, here are some that you could consider –

The Bed Opposite the Wall

Traditionally, homeowners tend to put the bed right against the center part of the wall. This is often opposite the bedroom’s main door. This kind of arrangement will automatically make the headboard as the center of attention.

There are cases when the room is not able to accommodate this kind of setup. In such instance, you should consider diagonal placement.

The Bed, Your Door and the Windows

Never place the bed right under a window especially when this window will be frequently opened. An open window can let in some uncomfortable drafts so it is best to position a bed between two windows.

If, on the other hand, you’ve got an air-conditioned or heated bedroom, this means that the windows are rarely open. When this is the case, you could go ahead and ignore this rule.

Don’t place the bed where it can obstruct the bedroom door or a walkway in the room.

Go Crazy with Furniture Arrangement

Think of non-traditional means of arranging furniture. Who knows, you could free-up space just because you considered making the bedroom a tad more interesting. An example is, you can place the bed right in front of a window. This should give the room a more dramatic feel. It could also be placed diagonally – while this takes up extra space, it is a unique placement that will stir things up a little. If you want to maximize floor space, have the bed situated sideways along one of the walls.

Walk-In Closet or Not

If the closet is big enough but you would like to free-up some much-needed floor space, then place the chest of drawers right inside the walk-in closet. Doing all this will give you a chance to add more furniture pieces like a writing desk, that flatscreen TV or some functional seats.

Whether you are out to decorate a guest room, master bedroom, or children’s room, these tips matter, plus here are some more that you can follow –

  • Eliminate clutter and you would be surprised at the space that you would be able to free up.
  • Place necessary furniture only. This is yet another effective way of freeing up floor space.
  • The bed must be visually low. Make use of a headboard but never a footboard. If you’re looking to have more space, then consider opting for any other bed than a four-poster bed.
  • Keep everything light. This is to make the bedroom more restful. So go ahead and establish a theme that has light-colored floors, ceilings, walls, bedding and treatments.
  • Invest in bedside tables that are big enough to hold needful stuff. If you’re the type who reads or watches TV in bed, then know that this piece of furniture can hold a lot of things for you.
  • Be sure to make room for one comfy chair. A chair is great for daytime relaxation or for nighttime reading that you wouldn’t want to do in bed.
  • If there’s still space, add a petite desk that has been deliberately positioned and proportioned to the bedroom.
  • If you’re designing a teenager’s or kid’s room, be sure that you plan with the person who will use the room. Their ideas should be considered when it comes to furniture placement. Have a place for a computer for teenage bedrooms while nurseries and kids’ rooms should be child-proofed.
 Universal Furniture Bedroom Louie Ps Sleigh Bed 5.0 07175B has delicious neutrals that can blend well with other earthy themes.

Universal Furniture Bedroom Louie Ps Sleigh Bed 5.0 07175B has delicious neutrals that can blend well with other earthy themes.

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Closet Organization Made Simple

August 18th, 2016

BLOG 6. Thomasville Bedroom Manyara Media Hutch 46211-365

Thomasville Bedroom Manyara Media Hutch 46211-365

If you are planning a closet makeover, you should always begin with measurements. You need to measure your current closet. Find out the hanging requirements as well as your storage needs.

Clear out the closet if you want to have the new system installed. This is a great moment for you to look through your items and find those that you no longer use. Once you find those, you can decide if you would want to donate to charity or to hand them down.

Planning the Closet System

A closet system can be the perfect solution to maximizing storage space. You can make use of hanging bars, drawers and a cubby storage. These are tools that can help you organize clothes and accessories.

More Shelves Isn’t Always Better

There is the common notion that more shelves are better. There are instances when this isn’t the case. Shelves can also take up a lot of space especially if you didn’t take the time to plan the ones that you’d use in your home.

Use shelves and stack them in an orderly manner. If you don’t, you would end up using up precious storage space. Invest in shelves that were designed to carry most of the items that you need to be concealed from your line of vision.

Get a Closet Armoire

If you don’t have a lot of closet space, you can invest in an additional storage unit. A freestanding armoire is just the right piece. This can take the place of the usual cabinet. Use wire shelving inside the armoire to maximize storage. You can also achieve a clutter-free room if you learn to classify your clothing pieces. Foldable garments should go inside drawers while those that you can be hung should be, well, hung.

Tiered shelves should house the sweaters and other seasonal stuff at their highest layer. Others that are used more often should be placed in those easy-to-reach drawers.

Universal Furniture Bedroom Tall Cabinet 071160

Universal Furniture Bedroom Tall Cabinet 071160

Manage Your Space

Having a small bedroom means you should consider putting the dresser in the closet. Maximize the space by having shelving units above it; doing this will allow you to maximize the vertical space that closets can offer.

You need to measure every inch of space if you have a limited area to work on. There is also the choice to install an over-the-door storage for accessories such as belts and shoes. These items may be small but these are the ones that usually hog your closet space. Have underclothes and socks folded and placed inside neatly-stacked bins or baskets.

Uniform hangers will also provide a tidy and neat look for your closet.

What About a Kid’s Closet?

Planning a kid’s closet should be no different. There should be fabric storage bins that can make the closet look neat, presentable and organized. You can make use of dual rods on both sides of storage tower. This can be used as an extra hanging space for pants and shirts.

Apply picture labels in front of these bins so that the kid(s) will be able to stick to the set up organization system.

Organizing through Folding

Folding may take a tad longer to accomplish than merely hanging clothes but it can also be a tidy way to organize your clothes. Here are some tips on how you can fold your favorite dresses, blouses and pants –

  • The shelves should be no less than 12 inches deep. This is the estimate depth of a regular stack of clothes. Have no more than this measurement so that no extra space is wasted.
  • Cut down on mold and mildew by allowing air to flow between folded clothes.
  • Drawers should be used to collect smaller clothing items such as hankies, socks, and undergarments.


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Wood Carving Explored

August 17th, 2016

Hooker Furniture Bedroom Treviso Bureau

Hooker Furniture Bedroom Treviso Bureau

Wood carving has been around long enough to be considered as old as man. Man has always been fascinated in carving wood. There are records of wooden tools being used by some of the earliest known men.

Wood has been used as a walking stick and even as a club. A rock tied to a wooden stick can already be used as a hammer. Woodcarving probably began as a pastime and so the history of furniture woodcarving was finally born.

Woodcarving – A Glimpse at History

Wood is one of the materials that are guaranteed to withstand the test of time so long as you know how to take care of them. Woodcarvings should be protected if you want them to endure.

When compared with sculptures or stone carvings, woodcarvings need more protection and care. Wood must be protected against insects and the harsh elements. There are regions where conditions are more favorable to furniture with woodcarving. An example of this perfect weather condition is in Egypt.

Wood is plentiful in Egypt. Acacia and Sycamore were both scarcely available there yet the people used them for woodcarving. These two are the most suitable wood that they could use and are even considered sacred. Almost every nation in the world practices woodcarving yet the beauty of preserved carvings were explicitly preserved in Egypt.

The Bible – the most read book in the world – even records woodcarving in many of its accounts.

The Dark Ages recorded woodcarving being both popular and unpopular. European nations confined woodcarving to monasteries. It was believed that the monasteries were the only safe places to practice this work of art.

Barbaric acts have been widely practiced during these times. From 700-900 A.D., the creation of images were forbidden in a few parts of Europe. Such images included paintings and woodcarvings.

Woodcarving was done by artists who copied Roman pagan emblems, symbols and sculptures. Majority of these artists went to other parts of Europe so that they could be employed by monasteries that were looking for craftsmen.

Woodcarving done in monasteries composed of relief carvings found on wooden panels and doors. These were quite similar from one monastery to the next. This only means that the carvers traveled from one monastery to the next as they practiced their trade.

After the Dark Ages, thousands of artists were freed and they began to create more carvings. Woodcarvers were highly influenced by the stone carvings. This was also the case with English carvings though theirs were more on decorative carvings rather than statues. Carvings were also found in Norway and Denmark.

Hundreds of years later, Scandinavian woodcarving artists were also influenced by the stone carvings from England. Visit Old English churches and you would surely find carvings done between 1000-1200 A.D. The carvings were protected from harsh elements which was why they were able to survive to this day.

A lot of wood carvings have been destroyed because of neglect, some intentionally and some by acts against churches and wars. The replacement of old carvings eventually erased what were originally found in those chapels. These improvements now conceal the beauty of the original works.

Centuries have since passed and woodcarvings have undergone a lot of changes. Man is no longer just carving with a single knife but has full access to the best carving tools. While changes have occurred through the centuries, woodcarving hasn’t died. For as long as there is wood, there would always be wood carvings.

Many other records from different nations show how woodcarvings have developed through the years. Look around you; there are also woodcarvings in furniture. Bring home one today!

This lovely piece comes from FFDM's Belvedere Collection.

This lovely piece comes from FFDM’s Belvedere Collection.



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Conference Room Design: Developing a Positive Company Image

August 17th, 2016

Hooker Furniture Home Office Sunset Point Utility File Cabinet can sit right in the same conference room as a long table and some chairs.

Hooker Furniture Home Office Sunset Point Utility File Cabinet can sit right in the same conference room as a long table and some chairs. It’s rustic, unique, it’s not your usual contemporary piece but it will definitely work. 

For many small businesses, a conference room offers multiple uses. This can be a formal setting for those board meetings and client presentations. This could also be the same room where brainstorming sessions are held as well as strategic planning is drafted.

A conference room may also be used during social functions such as an employee’s birthday party and other celebratory events. This is also increasingly becoming the leading site for video conferences which link companies with their partners and customers, even their own employees.

Design Basics

Determining the actual size, furnishings and lighting for a conference room depends hugely on the number of people that would use it. Designing a space for 32 people requires bout 32 by 14 feet.

If you know the feeling of being cramped in a meeting room in the past, then you know how badly you wanted the meeting to end. That claustrophobic feeling should be eliminated if you ever want people to feel at ease inside the conference room.

There could be moments when it is more beneficial to break up the group into smaller packs during a meeting. Remember not to cramp too many chairs all around the table so that the attendees would be elbow to elbow. Comfort should still be a priority. Chairs, in particular, should be cushioned and upholstered with nothing but quality materials.

People who come from outside your company would eventually attend conferences. Some could be invited electronically to attend videoconferencing. Whichever of these events would push through first, always think about the image that your company would convey. A petite yet trendy company should embrace a more modern method. Make use of bolder colors; this is also true for bigger firms. For smaller conference rooms, make use of traditional tables and chairs as these are the more popular choice.

Table Options

Choices for the conference room table include the basic boardroom table. This is that oval or rectangular table. Chairs should be placed all around this piece of furniture.

Table variations include the V and U-shaped varieties. There are also companies that prefer the classroom type of conference room where the podium sit in front. This is the common setup for business conferences in hotels.

Added Features

An amenity that could be included in a conference room is a buffet table and some cabinets. These are needful in serving food and beverages. A small fridge can also be placed right by the corner so that the refreshments are readily available.

Technology Hub

If you were ever assigned to give an important presentation, then you know how important technology is. Modules that do not show up on the overhead screen or a video conference call that doesn’t work is the last thing that you need to happen during an important correspondence with a client.

It is needful, therefore, to have technology integrated into the conference room. Building credibility means being on top of technical matters as well. The great news is that there are now technology elements such as the one-touch panel control that can be used just as easily as you would a TV remote.

Conference Room Furnishings

Essential furniture for this room includes conference chairs and table. The chairs should be comfortable so that the attendees will feel relaxed. Make sure these are aesthetically and ergonomically designed. The seat must be padded and preferably installed with an adjustable support system.

The conference table, on the other hand, should have a design and shape according to your taste. Designer tables are available and are now known to withstand electronic gadgets and other office stuff. There are also conference tables that come with drawers where laptops and other office essentials can be stored.


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The Ultimate Interior Designer Interview: Hiring a Visionary

August 16th, 2016

FFDM American Cherry

FFDM American Cherry

If this is something that you still haven’t considered, then it’s time that you seriously give it much thought – hiring an interior designer is the smartest decision that you can make when it comes to beautifying your home.

Interior designers serve a lot of purpose for current and would-be homeowners. Whether the homeowner knows where to begin or not, these experts can help conjure design ideas where there were none and can execute a long-desired plan.

If you’re too busy to take on a DIY interior design project, then know that there are a lot of benefits if you hire a professional to do the task instead.

Much Savings

You might find it unbelievable that hiring a designer could help save you money yet there are costly mistakes that can add to the ever-growing expense. Hiring a pro becomes much more crucial when you’re prepping your home that’s about to be sold. This move can help you boost buyer appeal and could potentially make your home stand out from competition.

An Expert Assessment

An interior designer can offer professional assessment. This initial assessment would eventually lead to a workable plan. An interior designer will know what order to follow during the entire project duration. In essence, you are hiring an extra pair of eyes that is well-trained to notice stuff that you won’t even imagine being there.

An interior designer is also trained to keep the project within budget. You get to save time and effort since this expert knows suppliers and other contacts that will make your home project more successful.

A Willing Middle Man

An interior designer would be better able to act as a liaison officer between you and the contractor or architect. This is important in time and money management. Every interior designer has been trained to scrutinize all the things that you might overlook. Furnishing and lighting needs should be addressed prior to the beginning of the project. Furniture placement can affect the eventual locations of the floor outlet; this is an example of professional assessments that are missed by DIY enthusiasts.

FFDM Viniterra Collection

FFDM Viniterra Collection

Numerous Resources  

There are many things that are readily available to interior designers that the public are not even familiar with. In short, they have connections that not a lot of people have. Making use of these resources and merchandise can help make the place look more collected and pulled together. Apart from the vendor resources, designers also have a lot of industry contacts. They can save you from headaches caused by problematic contractors, plumbers, electricians, etc.

Interviewing the right interior designer also means you should ask the right questions. Here are some of the most asked interview questions –

  • What do you tend to prioritize, function or beauty?
  • What would you do when a client keeps rejecting your design propositions?
  • What project are you proudest of?
  • What interior design subject was most difficult for you?
  • Do you know how to utilize AutoCad/3D Max?
  • What do you prioritize during a renovation project?
  • Define sustainable design.
  • What questions do you ask your client so you’ll know his or her requirements?
  • Which interior design theme do you favor or dislike and why?
  • How do you cope with industry changes?
  • Would you consider yourself an artist as a child?
  • Did you ever fall behind on a home project? What caused and delay and what did you do?
  • Was there a time when you exceeded the set budget by your client? If, yes, why?
  • What principles did you disagree with with any of your team members?
  • Describe one moment when a client did not like your proposed design. What did you do?

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The Minimalist Home: Beauty in Simplicity

August 15th, 2016

Artistica Dining Room Delilah Side Chair 470-020

Artistica Dining Room Delilah Side Chair 470-020

An uncluttered home with but a few functional furnishings is often referred to as a minimalist space. The removal of unnecessary stuff is necessitated by this theme or, more so, a way of life.

An example of minimalism is exhibited where the kitchen and dining areas contain just the essentials – a dining table (that’s free from clutter), appropriate chairs, counter stools, step stool for children, and appliances such as a coffeemaker and a microwave.

This kind of setting may be easily devoid of fun, life and character if you lose the important elements that would make it stand out. If you’re ready to take the plunge and live with just the bare essentials then, first, learn the benefits of a minimalist setting –

Minimal Stress

Did it ever occur to you that clutter is a kind of visual distraction? Anything that presents in your line of vision can potentially catch your attention so you might as well set up a clutter-free environment.

A home with minimal to zero clutter has a calming effect, thus, you would feel less stress.

Upped Appeal

Just imagine the look of a cluttered home compared to a minimalist space. The homes with just the necessary furniture and nice artwork are the ones that are more appealing. If you want to increase the value of your home – visually at the very least – then have a minimalist theme.

Easier to Maintain

Of course, it is a lot more difficult to clean up if you have more stuff. You need to vacuum and sweep and polish more often. Just imagine how much easier your life would be if you have less furniture and appliances to clean each day.

You don’t have to be an extreme minimalist. You can have a couch, loveseat, coffee table, a TV, and some lamps in a minimalist living room. There could even be less, say, a couch, a chair or two and a coffee table to complete the setup. The bedroom, on the other hand, can have a bed, dresser and a nightstand.

 Rid of Knickknacks

A minimalist home has clean surfaces to boost. Don’t expect to find stacks of books or a collection of knickknacks in such a home. What you’d be able to find are accent decorations such as a simple flower vase. Should you ever find a desk, all you’d see there is a framed family photo and nothing else. A tasteful artwork could also hang on one wall to complete the minimalist look.

Quality Is Emphasized

A minimalist home is all about having just a few good things that you use often and also love. Keep that nice table and other essential furniture pieces such as a sofa, a pair of chairs, and a small cabinet.

Conquer One Room at a Time

It would be difficult to transition from a different theme and immediately embrace minimalism. You can begin with just one room initially then move on to the next, and so forth till you are able to conquer your entire home.

Now, more often than not, the biggest contents of a room are the furniture piece so you should always begin simplifying by checking your current furniture. The fewer large pieces you own, the more potential you have of setting up a minimalist home.

Look Up

Instead of looking for more stuff that would occupy floor space, look upwards. There is plenty of space up there to accommodate additional shelves and hanging racks.

Since you’re clearing away stuff, make sure that the ones you don’t use go inside tall, narrow cabinets and drawers. A bookshelf can double as a DVD rack.


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The One Room Lifestyle

August 15th, 2016

Fine Furniture Design Living Room Chaise 3101-06 offers restful lounging and sitting.

Fine Furniture Design Living Room Chaise 3101-06 offers restful lounging and sitting.

There are various upsides to small apartment living. First, there’s lower rent, also, it is at a closer proximity of many downtown areas. Small is also cozy depending on how you design the space so it’s all a matter of how you would beautify you place.

One of the sad mistakes that apartment owners make when decorating their small apartments is that they focus only on functionality instead of coupling it with design. Don’t go through the same errors – it’s time to learn some small apartment styling tips.

Delineate Different Areas

Living in a tiny space shouldn’t automatically mean embracing the open space layout. In fact, there are so many other designs that you can look into. There’s just one thing that you need to keep in mind – that you must keep yourself from overwhelming the space with unnecessary stuff.

Define the different areas by giving each a function. Shoe and coat racks can be placed by the door and that’ll define your entryway. A simple buffet should divide our dining and kitchen areas. This provides easier food service and ample storage. Backing your sofa right by the foot of your bed can draw the beholder’s eye towards the living area.

Be sure to highlight your hobby or interest as this will cap the look of your home. A bike rack will tell everyone that you are a fitness enthusiast or maybe just a lover of the outdoors. Make who you are become an integral part of your design project.

Use Dual-Purpose Furniture

When you are dealing with a tiny space, know that every inch counts. Maximize the space by buying only the kinds of furniture that have a double purpose. Find pieces that will work with the limited space that you have.

The space where you’ll set up your bedroom can have a foldable sofa. An ottoman can be a seating and storage unit at the same time. A foldable dining table can be hidden from view when no longer in use.

Find dual-purpose pieces that are the appropriate size to your tiny space. Those overstuffed furnishings will only make a small place look a lot smaller.

Look for Unused Spaces

Having moved into your cute space for months, it’s easy to be stuck with the design that you initially came up with. There are many spaces that you can free up and repurpose. If you’ve been storing old magazines in huge boxes for the longest time then this just means that it’s time to unclutter.

Nooks and crannies could also have their purpose. They can be used as a corner library or as a small corner office.

Grow Vertically

It is crucial that you think vertically when you have a small space to work with. The tall, narrow storage units can help solve clutter issues. You can begin by placing two bookshelves of the same height on both sides of the doorway. A single entertainment center can also be used, one that reaches from the floor all the way up to the ceiling.

 Hooker Furniture Living Room Melange Joli Nesting Ottomans offer dual purposes – they can be used as a seating as well as a storage unit.

Hooker Furniture Living Room Melange Joli Nesting Ottomans offer dual purposes – they can be used as a seating as well as a storage unit.

Make Organization Your New Best Friend

Storage is your best pal when you have a small apartment. This is your tool in hiding stuff that you don’t need at the moment. Practically speaking, though, you have to learn to find and keep just the things that you need.

Make good use of back-of-door hangers and hanging organizers. Line your shelves and drawers with extra bins or baskets.

As soon as your organization tools are set, you would soon realize how much space can actually be freed up. Just cap your design project with a light paint palette and you’re done.


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