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Maximalism – Why It’s Not Just the Opposite of Minimalism

1120CR Kit Club Chair by Cynthia Rowley

1120CR Kit Club Chair by Cynthia Rowley

If you want some time away from the minimalist perspective being offered by modern living, then you will find refuge in maximalism. This is the grand antidote to clean lines and the simplicity of neutral color palettes and streamlined furnishings. Maximalist dwelling places are daring and dramatic yet still welcoming. Your eyes will never be bored as there is a visual feast in every room.

One Rule: There Is No Rule

Maximalism is all about conveying your personality through your home. It can be fun, romantic, rustic, even dramatic. Say goodbye to design rules as they are not that important in this kind of style. In fact, the only rule that you need to remember is to say throw any rules outside of the window.

Maximalism means playing with design elements in your own terms. Play with colors, patterns, scale and textures. Do not be contented with little embellishments, go to the hilt and decorate to the brim.

You can always evolve as there will always be room for improvement inside a maximalist home.

Leave Very Little Space

The maximalist is always a busy person. Her home comes in visual layers that build up in phases or stages. You could begin with some anchor pieces in neutral hues. Begin with chairs, sofa, a table, dresser, and blinds. These are the anchors upon which all the other interior design pieces will hold on to.

Keep in mind that a maximalist must be sociable, too. This means that you should have lots and lots of seats. Surround these seats with elements of blue, green, red and gold. These will look great when used all together on  wallpaper.

FFDM's Antebellum Collection features bulky furniture pieces that will fit right into a maximalist home.

FFDM’s Antebellum Collection features bulky furniture pieces that will fit right into a maximalist home.

Experiment with Colors

The maximalist is never bound by anything so go ahead and experiment on the different hues that you can use inside your home. You’re not bound by the pastels required of a preppy home or the black and red fusion of Gothic design.

Don’t be afraid to use dark or bold shades. Walls painted with dark colors and furniture pieces in equally hot hues will spell drama at every level. Again, there is no need to be bound by tone, harmony or contrast.

Find out what sort of mood board you can work with. Blend different colors and discover what results excite you the most.

A Lot of Mixing

Bohemian and eclectic are two of the closest words that you can use to describe maximalism. You don’t have to stick to one era or style. Mix to the max! There, that’s your rule.

Do the patterns clash? Who cares? Patterns everywhere will make a maximalist home crazier.

What about textures? The secret is to build the layers. Bring in wool, sheepskin, velvet and silk. Of course, you mustn’t forget the walls. Wall texture can be added if you hang a rug or embossed wallpaper.

Maxed Lighting

Maximalism can also be reflected in the type of lighting that you use. Go for clusters of light instead of the usual, single pendant lighting.

Lighting can add a different level of visual interest in a home so play and tweak the lights that you will use. Bring in the floor lamps, colorful chandeliers, and table lamps. Look for pop pieces that are the exact opposite of classic beauty and elegance.

Up to the Ceiling

A maximalist won’t stop designing her home the moment the rooms are filled with furnishings and colors. Look up and you would find out that there is still so much to do.

Get wallpaper to cover your ceiling or find the paint that suits your taste. Patterned wallpaper, for instance, will look great with light walls but they are also sure to stand out with dark paint.

Make your choice now, maximalist.

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